Saturday, 15 November 2014

Goodnight Sweetheart.


?? 2000 - 07/10/14

Monday, 22 September 2014

I spoke too soon.

Iphone did not survive.

time to dig out the insurance documents I think!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Death by toilet!

For the iPhone... well nearly, anyway. 

I dropped my phone down the loo. I've spent years congratulating myself for taking my phone out of my pocket before going to the bathroom but yesterday I forgot. It was in the back pocket of my jeans and flipped out and into the bowl before I even realised it was still there. 

I was away from home and didn't realise I should switch the phone off straight away, so by the time I got home 3 hours later and googled what I should do the screen was dead so I couldn't switch it off and it had been wet inside for 3 hours. 

Anyway, with nothing to lose I put it in a tub of uncooked rice and in the airing cupboard for 24 hours and hey presto... It's working again! 

I think I got very lucky! 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The art of blogging.

I'm not a natural blogger. I read a lot of blogs where people have interesting lives or interesting opinions to write about. But my life is very routine (how I like it) and I'm not very opinionated, so I have very little to write about.

I run
I play badminton
I swim
I cycle (occasionally)
I work
I cook

But none of that is interesting when repeated over and over in a blog. It doesn't really even work as a diary because I write about the same things all the time.

But, having created my own little piece of internet it feels like a waste not to use it. I just need to decide what to do with it.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Oh, I forgot to blog again!

So, I'll do a big catch up post one of these days. Until then, just letting you know I am still here, currently sitting in McDonalds with a hot chocolate, watching the rain getting heavier and heavier...

Saturday, 1 June 2013


I've never been much of a gardener. Both houses I've lived in by myself have got small gardens and I only really wanted a garden for the dogs. So over the years my garden has been very neglected and has accumulated a lot of junk where I have dumped stuff to 'sort out later'. 

Well, over the last few weeks I've been working on sorting out my garden. All the 'stuff' has been sorted, 3 car loads went to the tip! I've cut the grass a few times now which means its looking a bit more like a lawn. I've also placed some tree trunk slices and put some pots on them with plants in. The tree pieces and plants have come from work. I have lopped the overgrown trees back as much as I can and I've cleared the patio and have got furniture so I can sit outside. 

It actually looks really nice out there now and I'm enjoying my garden a lot more. 

Pic: one corner of my garden. I couldn't photograph any more because the washing was in the way! 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Windsor trail half marathon

I've just got back from completing the Windsor trail half marathon. It was off road, mainly along riverside footpaths though so not like a major cross country run! Also not too hilly. The views and scenery were lovely but it did get quite warm as the sun was out. I struggled with the last 3 miles but completed it in around 2:05 so not my best time, but I'm happy with that!