Thursday, 5 February 2009


Yes, it snowed here this week! They say it's the heaviest snowfall for about 20 years or something like that, all I know it that it brought the country to a complete standstill as usual! No buses in London, no trains, limited underground in London, roads blocked, accidents, broken down cars etc etc etc. I made it to the office, but could not go to Essex to collect my new training dogs. That's now planned for next Monday. So, I've had a week of 'bits and pieces' and paperwork, catching up on overdue stuff. Hopefully, tomorrow and Friday I will get some work done on my current assignment. Wish me luck, and lots of motivation!

(Still no home computer, so snow photo's to follow!)

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Old friends

This evening (Saturday) I've been out to a school reunion of sorts. It was an informal gathering organised via facebook, and there were about 20ish people who turned up. I recognised most people, and it was a really nice evening getting re-aquainted with people I haven't seen for over 20 years.

I went to Tescos this afternoon which itself is not really a blog-worthy event, but I got a fab new cat scratching post. I've wanted to get a new one for the cats for ages but the ones I like have all been around £60-80. This one was £20. The cats seem to like it, Woody is asleep on it right now as I type!

Pictures of both the above events will follow, but right now my computer is with my Brother-in-Law being 'sorted out' after I tried to install some software that went wrong.... I am currently using my work laptop and can't download photo's from my camera onto it. Still, at least I can access the internet while my own computer is away.