Friday, 21 September 2012

House sharing

Crikey, it's been ages since I last blogged!!

That's because nothing really blog-worthy has happened.... except, oh yeah, I got a housemate!!

A friend of mine from work is staying for a few weeks while she's between homes. Her flat sold but her new house purchase was a bit behind schedule, so rather than lose her buyer she asked if she could stop at mine for a few weeks.

Actually, it's great! She's very easy to live with and it's really nice having someone else in the house. We're similar in that neither of us feel the need to fill silence with chatter. If there's nothing to say then we don't say it, and we're both comfortable with silence. She doesn't talk through films or TV programmes which is great because that really annoys me.

After 16 years of living alone, I can honestly say my first foray into house sharing is a great success!

Not sure it would work quite so well with anyone else though....