Wednesday, 14 November 2012


....They tend to be busy!!

With no-one but myself to worry about I can fill my weekends with whatever I like!

I recently went on a weekend away with the running club. It was quite a busy weekend with lots of exercise/training, but some down time too and plenty of socialising. It was great fun and good value for money as we stayed at a Youth Hostel and self catered.

I like to do some longer dog walks at weekends usually, and I do like to have a long lie in on at least one of the days. I like to get up at about 8am, feed the dog and let her out, then get my breakfast ready and take it back up to bed with me. I have breakfast in bed then either go back to sleep, read or surf the net on my phone. This can take me through to anywhere between 10am and lunch time... yes I know it's very lazy and some might say a waste of time, but in my book I am relaxed, warm, comfortable and doing something I enjoy so why not?

However, it's now Cross Country season and my running club takes part in a local league with other clubs. So, Sunday just gone saw me up early and out running through rather a lot of mud, although thankfully it wasn't raining or too cold for a change! It was about 6 miles and I completed it in 50m 40s by my watch, although the official times aren't out yet due to technical difficulties with the website. I think that's between 5-7 minutes quicker than I ran the same course last year but I can't check until the website is fixed. There are seven races in total between now and the end of January, I'm hoping to complete six of them. My club is hosting one so I will probably have to marshal that one instead of running it.

I have also entered the Reading Half Marathon which is in March next year.....