Monday, 28 November 2011

Running, running, and more running!!

So I've done quite a bit of running since my last blog post!

I went on a weekend away with the club. It was a busy weekend but great fun. We stayed in a youth hostel so the accommodation was basic, but it keeps the price down which is fine by me!

We got there on Friday evening and went to the pub for dinner and for the rest of the evening. Saturday morning we did a 6 mile pre-breakfast run followed by breakfast. Then we had a talk on energy, and how the body converts food to energy, stores and uses it. Then we did an interval session (like we do at track). Next was lunch, followed by circuit training and a talk on nutrition. Then we went to the pub for drinks, back to the youth hostel for dinner and a quiz, then back to the pub for drinks again!

Sunday morning we did a 9 mile run before breakfast and then after breakfast we had a talk on sports massage therapy before cleaning and tidying everything away, then having lunch and heading home.

Tarka stayed with my Sister-in-Law and Brother. I was a little worried because it was fireworks weekend but she was fine, and by the sounds of it had a lovely weekend!!

2 weeks ago I did my first cross country race with the club and came 308 out of 350. It was fun, it was the first proper 'event' I've done and it was nice to do it with the club. It's an inter club league which we participate in.

This weekend just gone we had another league race on the Sunday morning, but the club was hosting it so I was marshaling instead of running. I also spent Saturday morning making sandwiches, so it was quite a busy weekend by the time I fitted dog walking in as well.

Tonight I've done a 5-6 mile run with the club, and run up some hills that I've not managed to do without walking before, so all in all I can see some improvements. I realised I was getting a bit too comfortable at the standard I'd reached and it was time to push myself a bit more, so I have been trying to increase my speed a bit and push myself on the hills and I'm pleased with how the last few weeks have gone.