Thursday, 29 October 2009

It's back!!!!

Wednesday, 4th November...


I've been waiting all year for this and finally it's starting! Here's a little preview...

Monday, 26 October 2009

Catching up.

This weekend an old school friend came to visit, bringing her 5 year old son with her. We went to the same infant and junior school but really became friends at senior school. It was the first time my friend has been to my house because they live 4 hours away. They came Sunday afternoon, stayed overnight and have gone off to Legoland today. I hope they've had a good time, the weather has been nice but I'm sure Legoland will have been busy as it's the first day of half term.

Of course, having visitors to stay required a huge amount of housework over the weekend... but it's so nice to have the 'junk room' almost clear of junk and usable as a guest room again!!

Sunday, 18 October 2009


I went 'missing' today... well not really, but as far as the dogs of the Berkshire Search and Rescue team were concerned I was missing and it was their job to find me.

Armed with my old army sleeping bag, a roll mat, a flask of hot chocolate, a hot water bottle and a good book, I went out Swinley Forrest and by 8.30am I was officially 'missing'. Luckily the dogs are good at their job and I was found by Border Collie 'Molly' at 10am. Molly was far more interested in her tennis ball than in me and 'found' me several times so that she could have her ball again and again. I went out again a bit later and this time I had a much more enthusiastic greeting from Flat Coated Retriever 'Milly', who bounced on me, rolled on me and shook her wet fur over me.

Dogs... you just gotta love 'em!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Blackberry vodka!

Another experiment!!

I had about a third of a bottle of vodka in the cupboard which has been untouched since before I moved into this house...nearly six years! I don't really like vodka, it was bought when a friend came round one New Year's Eve and we made cocktails! That was definately in my previous house.

Anyway, whilst looking for sloe gin recipes a few weeks ago I came across blackberry vodka so finally got round to having a go. I didn't bother with quantities since I wasn't sure how much vodka was actually in the bottle so I just added 'some' blackberries and sugar.... well it will either work or it won't!!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Winter League

Winter League is a competition between 5 local agility clubs, consisting of 4 matches spread over the winter. Match one was today! The clubs involved are Thames, Cranbourne, Cippenham, Vyne and Watford.

Tarka was entered in grade 1-5 jumping, 1-7 jumping, and 1-5 agility. We got a clear round in 1-7 jumping but the less said about the others the better!

Overall though, Cranbourne ended the first match in the lead!! We had some very good runs from club members, and just need to keep it up for the next 3 matches.

Go Go Cranbourne!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Collecting, finding and making.

Been collecting chestnuts this time. I've been collecting for a couple of days now and have got a quality street tin so full the lid won't fit! Just got to figure out what to do with them all now. I do think they look pretty just as they are though!

A few days ago I met this little guy whilst out on a walk. He (she?) turned out to be the caterpillar of the Pale Tussock moth. The colours were amazing, so bright! He posed happily for a photo and then carried on his merry way...

Today I made another bag. I wanted something to take my lunch to work in, as I am fed up of carrier bags and paper bags that always tear at the most awkward moment. So here it is, my lunch bag! It's about the size of one of those paper lunch bags you get from the sandwich shops, perfect for my lunch box and a drink. I can just grab it and go when I take the dogs out at lunch time.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Nature's harvest.

Recently, I have been out collecting blackberries, sloes and chestnuts. Tarka loves collecting things and can become a little obsessive, watching my every move and waiting for me to drop one so she can pounce on it. However, when it comes to blackberries she gets bored of waiting for me to drop one, and she's now learned to pick her own!! She's fussy too, only eating the best ones. (forgive the sound, it was a windy day and I was using the camera on my phone so not at all sophisticated!)