Sunday, 22 April 2012

Books vs films.

I always find that books are better if read before you see the film. You use your own imagination rather than the images from the film and you get the story as the original author wrote it rather than someones interpretation of it.

Yesterday I wanted to watch 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' because it had come from Lovefilm quicker than I expected it to. So, I started reading the book when I woke up, finished it by lunch time and then watched the film in the evening.

However, I think it was not a good idea to do both so quickly, because inevitably the film had changed a lot of the detail, and as the detail was still so fresh in my mind I noticed all the little changes that I might not have picked up on if more time had elapsed.

I did enjoy both the book and the film. I didn't cry at either which surprised me, because everyone I know said they had cried and normally I'm the first to cry.

So my advice, read the book then watch the film, but leave a little time between doing the two!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Segway experience!!!

For Christmas, Mum and Dad gave me a segway experience! They also gave one to my brother and niece#2 because we'd all been talking about it and looking it up on line.

We booked it for April hoping for good weather and although it was a bit cold, it was sunny and dry so perfect really.

We had a short safety check and lesson on handling the segway, then we went off on some paths around the lakes for a ride. It was great fun! Mum and Dad came to watch with sis-in-law and niece#1, so Mum took some photo's for me.

Friday, 6 April 2012


It's Good Friday today. I stayed in bed till lunch time, then went out for lunch with Mum, Dad and Granny. Then I walked the dogs (Tarka plus a visiting poodle!), then came home and have spent the rest of the evening watching the entire series 2 of Ultimate Force which I found in a charity shop the other week!

Well I did say it's 'good' Friday!! Today has been good!!

This Easter has been quite relaxed for me. I bought my Easter eggs weeks ago when they first came out and at £1 each, special offer instead of £3 each. We're only buying small ones this year and only for the kids. So no last minute dashing out and spending a small fortune on whatever is left, which is my usual thing at Easter, all the while berating myself for not taking advantage of the earlier special offers...

Sunday we're all going to Mum and Dad's for lunch. I don't know what we're having but it will be gorgeous because Mum's cooking always is.

I took last Thursday off work which has given me a 5 day break, just what I need, as from Tuesday work will turn into chaos and mayhem....