Friday, 6 April 2012


It's Good Friday today. I stayed in bed till lunch time, then went out for lunch with Mum, Dad and Granny. Then I walked the dogs (Tarka plus a visiting poodle!), then came home and have spent the rest of the evening watching the entire series 2 of Ultimate Force which I found in a charity shop the other week!

Well I did say it's 'good' Friday!! Today has been good!!

This Easter has been quite relaxed for me. I bought my Easter eggs weeks ago when they first came out and at £1 each, special offer instead of £3 each. We're only buying small ones this year and only for the kids. So no last minute dashing out and spending a small fortune on whatever is left, which is my usual thing at Easter, all the while berating myself for not taking advantage of the earlier special offers...

Sunday we're all going to Mum and Dad's for lunch. I don't know what we're having but it will be gorgeous because Mum's cooking always is.

I took last Thursday off work which has given me a 5 day break, just what I need, as from Tuesday work will turn into chaos and mayhem....

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