Sunday, 18 October 2009


I went 'missing' today... well not really, but as far as the dogs of the Berkshire Search and Rescue team were concerned I was missing and it was their job to find me.

Armed with my old army sleeping bag, a roll mat, a flask of hot chocolate, a hot water bottle and a good book, I went out Swinley Forrest and by 8.30am I was officially 'missing'. Luckily the dogs are good at their job and I was found by Border Collie 'Molly' at 10am. Molly was far more interested in her tennis ball than in me and 'found' me several times so that she could have her ball again and again. I went out again a bit later and this time I had a much more enthusiastic greeting from Flat Coated Retriever 'Milly', who bounced on me, rolled on me and shook her wet fur over me.

Dogs... you just gotta love 'em!

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