Sunday, 22 November 2009

Another weekend gone!

It's getting really close to the end of November, which means that Christmas isn't far away! I haven't done anything to prepare for Christmas yet, but I love doing my shopping in December because it has a really Christmassy feel to it.

This week/weekend has been filled with some quite mundane stuff that I'm not going to blog about, however on Friday I took one of my guide dogs up to London. I often take them on the tube from Richmond to Victoria to assess their reaction to the tube, however this was the first time I have worked a dog in Central London. My dog was a total star, she worked really well and coped with everything brilliantly although she was tired by the end (so was I!!). I love visiting London, we walked from Victoria Station past Buckingham Palace, all the way up to Oxford Street. I then stopped for lunch and walked all the way back to Victoria again!

Since I don't have any new photo's to post, here are some of the ones I consider to be my best. I have just signed up for an online photography course and on the application form it asked for a link to my blog.... so Cheryl, if you're looking this is the best I can do!!

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Alison said...

He he - I recognise that poodle! She's been to London with you, too - bet she wasn't as well be haves as your training dog, though!