Thursday, 11 March 2010


I finished my last assignment for work!! My deadline was 12th March and I finished the bulk of it last night, with a proof read and minor changes this morning before printing and posting it. Just got to wait for the result now but the pass mark is only 40% so I'm really hoping I've done enough. One of the biggest problems I have with it is that the word count is really quite small compared to the amount of info they want, and I find it hard to keep things succinct and get all the relevant points in without waffling..... oh well we'll see! I do get one chance for a re-write so all is not lost if I fail! If I've passed then I will be a qualified GDMA. Which means no more study hooray!!

Here's a picture (since I haven't posted any in a while) of the subject of my assignment.... Alfie!!!

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