Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Christmas was good!

I managed to get all my shopping done with 3 days to spare, although I was still making Granny's present on Christmas eve! (I got it done though, two lined shopping bags, one big, one small.)

Christmas day was nice. I went to Mum and Dad's so it was me, them, my brother, sis-in-law and 2 nieces. 7 in all. We all went to the pub before lunch (Mum and I had prepared the veggies and other bits the night before) then back to the house to finish cooking dinner. We sat down to eat about 2.30pm and finished about 4pm! Then we opened presents and then Mum and I went to visit Granny in hospital, she's got gall stones again and wasn't well enough to come home for Christmas. In the evening Niece#1's boyfriend came round and we played games until bedtime. We all stayed over, so everyone was drinking...!!!

Boxing day my sister and her family joined the party. This made it 11 people, but I wasn't feeling too good - no, it wasn't a hangover!! I went for a run in the morning and a walk in the afternoon thinking it might clear my head but it didn't (was a good run though!). Unfortunately, my nephews are noisy boys and being excited they were very loud so I ended up feeling quite unwell and headachy, and dozing the afternoon away. I did feel better in the evening though. We stayed over again although I didn't drink anything as I wasn't feeling good.

Today Mum, Dad, brother and I went to the pub and ate chips. We'd had enough of Christmas food! Then I walked the dog and have come home for a short rest before heading off to my brothers for turkey curry tonight!

I'm not back at work now until 3rd January so will be catching up on sleep and sorting out the mess I call home, for the next week.

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