Thursday, 12 July 2012

My new pal!

Well, not a real pal, it's my fitness pal,

It's basically a calorie counter.

Every now and then I get slack with my diet, and then I start to gain weight. I don't want to gain weight, when that happens my clothes don't fit properly, I lose fitness and struggle with running, and I just generally feel bleugh!!

So, I use My Fitness Pal to help me keep on top of things.

I have entered my details so it has worked out how many calories I need per day.
I enter my food intake and it tells me my calorie intake.
I enter my exercise and it tells me my calories burned.
It offsets my calorie intake against my calories burned, and I can make sure I stay below my daily net allowance.

Easy as that! It means that I stay in control of my weight and feel good about myself.

Right now I'm using a month free gym membership that I won in a raffle. So far I've only really done swimming and used the sauna etc, I'll use the gym at the weekend I think. I'm doing this on top of my usual exercise. I don't input my regular walking that I do at work but I'm still always well within my calorie allowance on work days. I do need to watch it at weekends though since I don't do as much exercise.

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