Sunday, 13 July 2014

The art of blogging.

I'm not a natural blogger. I read a lot of blogs where people have interesting lives or interesting opinions to write about. But my life is very routine (how I like it) and I'm not very opinionated, so I have very little to write about.

I run
I play badminton
I swim
I cycle (occasionally)
I work
I cook

But none of that is interesting when repeated over and over in a blog. It doesn't really even work as a diary because I write about the same things all the time.

But, having created my own little piece of internet it feels like a waste not to use it. I just need to decide what to do with it.

Any thoughts?


Praveen RS said...

I like this blog very much
Stainless Steel Planters

R Hammond said...


My original thoughts back around 2008 were the same. Blogging? What the heck is this?

Someone came to me one day and asked a complicated question. I said I'd respond....wrote a forty-line piece putting a complex piece into simplicity...what really mattered, the nuts and bolts. They sent an email back to me and suggested....that I should blog....that I had some talents at telling a simplified version of a mess.

I laughed. A month later....I started a simple blog, which I intended to write only one blog every ten days. Within a month...I was writing five blogs a week....mostly six to forty lines. It became simple after a while. I could read a newspaper and note how something rubbed me the wrong way, or the journalist left out critical pieces of the story, or saw some cynical view of life in this modern era.

So, my suggestions:

1. Ten things that peeve you easily.
2. Why Seinfeld was the best show of all time (maybe it wasn't).
3. Could they make the Andy Griffith Show today and would it even make season two?
4. Why was that Lost TV show so weird?
5. I have this crazy associate.
6. Store clerks drive me mad.
7. Could they turn Wal-Mart into a reality show?
8. Idiot teachers from my past.
9. I'd like to be in charge of CNN for one day.
10. People with personalities that I'd fire in eight minutes flat.

There are two ends to blogging. One, you just get burned out (I reached that for a while and just put it aside). The other is where you realize you demand too much and ought to throttle back to just three blogs a month, where you really put effort into those three to be "masterpieces of work".

The truth is....somewhere between six lines and forty've got some story worth telling, and you lay it simple as it can be.

Just my humble two cents of advice.

Jackie said...

Thank you.

I like that list. Being British, I will need to adapt some things (I've never seen 'Seinfeld'!) but they're all good thoughts.