Monday, 31 March 2008

Back to work

Well last week seemed to pass in a flash! I think I might have been asleep for most of it...

Anyway, I'm back to work now and back to a more normal routine, much to Tarka's relief. She does like to have a routine!

I did manage to get a bargain for my nephew's 7th birthday present on Friday, he wanted a Dalek Sec voice changer mask for Christmas but they were £30 which was too expensive. I found one in Waterstones for £7.50 - I hope he still likes it!!

Sadly, little Winnie guinea pig died on Saturday night. She'd been poorly for a few days and the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her on Friday, but she was definately worse by Saturday, and she died in the night. It's horrible every time I lose one of my small furries, but I was glad she went in her sleep, it's so distressing for them to have to go to the vets to be PTS. Winnie was a piggie I 'inherited' from a friend when she was unable to keep her. She was with us for about 2 yrs and must have been about 6 yrs old when she died. She was the noisiest piggy I've ever heard! Here she when she first came to live with us. Winnie is the ginger pig on the far left, in the middle is Olive who is still with me, and on the right is Tansy who sadly died not long after Winnie arrived.

And some of Winnie on her own.

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