Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A busy weekend...

...which started on Friday night with Dad's 65th birthday party. It was a beer and skittles night, lots of beer, lots of skittles, and a fab birthday cake made by Mum! It really was a fun night out.

Saturday I was at the Cranbourne Agility Show all day. It was a nice day, the weather was kind and although I made plenty of mistakes in my courses it was just such a lovely atmosphere you couldn't help but enjoy yourself.

Saturday was also the Yateley and District Garden Society show. I couldn't attend as I was at the agility comp, but Sis-in-Law took my entries for me. I entered bread rolls, chutney, lemon drizzle cake, a card and a photograph. I won second prize for my bread rolls and onion chutney, which I was very pleased with! Sis-in-Law did well too winning prizes for her flower arrangements and I'm sure she got something else too, and my brother got a second for his fruit cake. Neice #2 got a second for her lemon cake (although I'm sure mine was better really.... only joking!! :-) )

Sunday, I spent most of the late afternoon/evening making apple chutney. I finally managed to find some apples since my crop went bad on the tree, and I now have plenty of chutney maturing in the cupboard which should be just perfect for Christmas! I want to make some more of the tomato and the red onion chutney, and I want to have a go at sloe gin too. I have found some sloes, just need to pick them and make them into sloe gin!!

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Alison said...

Sounds like a great weekend - liking the sound of the sloe gin!