Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Weight loss.... it's easy...!!

Well, it is when you're a dog!! You just eat less and exercise more, and when all that is regulated for you then the weight just falls off!

Tarka has been on a diet. When she had bladder surgery back in January she went from lots of exercise to nothing, literally overnight. Then as she recovered from her surgery Pippa was going downhill and was taking up a lot of my time, and Tark'a exercise levels suffered for it. Then, after Pippa died I over-compensated for the previous lack and as Tark was by then quite unfit, I over did things and ended up having to rest her again due to stiffness and lameness. And, add to all that the fact that I had to change her diet because of the bladder problem and hey presto, she'd put on an extra 2kg just like that!

So, she's been on a diet and has gone from 18.8kg to 16.7kg in about 8 weeks. She's also looking really fit and well, although she does go a little bit stiff after longer walks (2+ hrs). Mind you, she is ten years old now so I suppose a touch of arthritis is only to be expected.

Shame I can't seem to regulate my own food and exercise quite as sucessfully eh?? 2kg weight loss in 8 weeks would be just perfect....

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