Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Back to normal

The water problem is resolved.... for now! The blockage is further down the waste pipe than the u-bend so I can't reach it without ripping all the boxing out and removing a load of pipes... and even then I may not find it. However things are back to how they were before, the sink still drains very slowly but there is no water leaking out. I have a friend coming to stay this weekend so I will sort the plumbing out another time. My plumbing skills are extremely limited so I'm hoping Dad might help me out....??

This weekend my friend and her 5 year old son are coming to stay and we're going to visit London. They live about 4 hours away so her son has never been to London. We were going to go at Christmas and see the lights, but the weather was too bad for her to travel up here so we had to postpone. I'm so excited... but have got a huge amount of housework to do before then! Still, I have booked Friday off work so will do most of it then I expect.

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