Sunday, 11 July 2010


London was FAB!!

My friend and her son arrived as planned on Friday, I almost had the house tidy!! We spend Saturday in London and the weather was great, warm and sunny all day! We went to see the changing of the guard but it was very busy and we couldn't see much, then we got an open-top bus ticket and spent the rest of the day hopping on and off that, along with a river boat cruise and lunch, then finished off with a quick visit to the Natural History Museum. It may not sound like much but it was a very full day.

We had a quiet evening in and then they went home on Sunday morning.

After they had gone, I went to the Prestwood Steam Rally with my sister and two nephews. It was another lovely day and we had a great time.

Oh, and the water/sink problem is definitely NOT solved, as now the sink is completely blocked and no water is draining at all!! I have at least figured out where the water was previously leaking from so that is something else I need to fix....I'm gonna have to rip that boxing out after all....


kimsermon said...

Lovely photos Jackie :-)

Jackie said...

Thanks! The nice weather certainly helped!