Sunday, 31 October 2010


I have finished putting the wardrobe together and am in the process of sorting out my clothes. I'm not very good at throwing stuff away (it might be useful one day!!!) so I'm sorting it into piles at the moment, and taking out anything that obviously needs to go, then I'll go through again when I put stuff into drawers and get rid of things that I've got too many the same of.... hoodies, for example!! I have got too many of those!!

The big news though, is that I'm finally able to sleep in my room again! I had a lot of trouble with my neck and suspected my mattress, so I moved into the spare room until it got better which took a few weeks. Then I moved back into my room and within days my neck was so painful I could hardly move it. So I've been in the spare room for a few months now. My neck has taken ages to get completely better (and I can still feel the stiffness occasionally) but I couldn't afford a new mattress for my room and as mine is a double and the spare is a single, I couldn't switch the mattresses either. Last week a friend had a good quality mattress going spare so my old one went to the tip and I've got the second hand one, and finally slept on it last night and feel fine! (so far...) I know some people say you shouldn't get a second hand mattress, but I suspect those people have always had enough money to buy a new one whenever they needed one. Some of us aren't that lucky.

Here's the wardrobe. I love it, it's a double and has so much space inside!!! I got it second hand from my brother.

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