Friday, 5 November 2010

Second hand city

That's what I should call my house, and I'm very proud of it!

Almost everything in my house is second hand. The only things I bought new are my washing machine (bought with money earned by looking after a friends horse while she was away) my fridge/freezer (a gift from Mum and Dad) my cooker, and my vacuum cleaner. OK so there are a few other smaller bits too, but you get the picture. Looking round the living room I have the computer desk and computer which are both from my brother in law, my sewing desk which was being thrown out from work, my 3 piece suite which came from a colleague, the TV cabinet which was from a charity shop and my TV which came from another colleague. I also have 2 coffee tables from family members. It's the ultimate in recycling, and I am more than happy to make use of stuff which has got plenty of life left in it, yet is unwanted. And, it's often free! All my bedroom furniture was from family, and so it goes on.

I've also bought lots of clothes from charity shops this year. I can get good quality clothes in brands I can't afford to buy new, very cheaply. Today I'm wearing M&S jeans (£4.50), an M&S tee shirt (£2.50), a 'No Fear' hoodie (£4.50) and a body warmer (£6.00). I especially like finding 'Fat Face' clothes at these prices. And to really seal the deal, it all benefits charities too! Everybody wins!

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