Friday, 19 November 2010

And the answers are....


I finished the lilac set, and I had enough wire!! Actually, I even had 2 inches of wire left over! (it takes a minimum of 3 inches per bead depending on the type of wrap.... it was cutting it fine!!)

So, I'll drop that one over to Pauline tomorrow and she'll have 3 sets for the stall on Saturday. I did manage to get over to hers today in the end so I did have another roll of wire just in case.

Next question: Shall I go bead shopping on Saturday and get more beads in case I need more sets next week? If I don't go on Saturday then I won't be able to go any other time next week, but equally I don't want to have spent money on beads I don't need.

Hmmmm, the things I have to worry about!

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