Thursday, 6 October 2011

8 in 80 challenge.

This week is Guide Dog week. And, this year it's special because we're celebrating the 80th anniversary of the date the first guide dogs in Britain qualified - 6th October 1931.

Across Guide Dogs, people are doing challenges based on the theme of 80. So, in my wisdom I decided that myself and a few colleagues could run 8 miles in 80 minutes, and each raise £80 sponsorship.

I have managed to persuade the relevant colleagues to take part. We will definitely run 8 miles. We should do it in 80 minutes, give or take a few mins each side. We might or might not make £80 each,  but might hit £320 between us. (I have exceeded my £80 target but don't know about the others).

I've sorted the route and all the official stuff, we've just got to do the run now.

If anyone fancies sponsoring me, my 'just giving' page is:

It costs approx £50,000 to train each guide dog, yes, fifty thousand pounds per dog. Guide Dog Owners pay 50p. We receive no government funding and rely entirely on the generosity of the public in order to do our life changing work.

The run will take place on Friday 7th October. I will let you know how it goes.... I haven't actually run 8 miles before.... although I have come close with 7.6 miles.

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