Sunday, 15 January 2012

Two weeks in.

Two weeks into the new year.

I have run a bit, played some badminton, went back to work, slept a LOT! (my main weekend activity!), walked the dogs, turned forty....

Oh yeah, I was 40 last week!!

Well anyone who has got there before me will know that it's really no big deal. I'm actually fitter, slimmer, healthier and definitely happier at 40 than I was at 35, probably than I was at 30 as well.

I'm definitely a 'low key' kinda birthday girl, luckily Mum appreciates that and resisted my brothers suggestion for a surprise party (I love you Mum!!) and we had a nice, quiet family get together instead.

I did have some fabulous presents though, money and vouchers, stuff I asked for and wanted, and a special gift of salon vouchers to pamper myself which I had thought of but not asked for.... definitely gonna enjoy that one! Just trying to decide what to have! I have spent the money already. I wanted new running shoes and didn't hang about since the sales are still on. I got a nice bright yellow pair of Adidas Supernova Sequence 4 from Sweatshop, £85 reduced to £52. They're really really comfy. I've been out in them once but have rested over the weekend because running in my old dead shoes had made my left calf tighten up, so I thought a few days rest then start again with my new shoes was a good idea. Calf is fine now, so will run tomorrow as usual. I also ordered a Garmin GPS watch! I never thought I'd afford one of these, it's the really basic one, GPS only no heart rate monitor or anything, but at half price (£150 reduced to £75) and with birthday money to spend it brought it into my price range. I'll never afford a fancy one so thought I'd just go for it! If ever I do get a better one, I should get a decent second hand price for it having got it half price in the first place! It should arrive next week sometime.

Tomorrow is niece#1's 19th birthday. She went back to university last Sunday, so my party on Saturday was also her party. We had a joint party as otherwise she wouldn't have had the opportunity, and since everyone was all together anyway it made sense. Can't believe she is 19.... if time carries on disappearing like it is, we'll be celebrating her 40th before we know it!! (That'll make me 61... how depressing!)

So, onwards and upwards.... hang on, I'm officially over the hill now so it's onwards and downwards!! And everyone at running club will confirm how much I hate uphills and love downhills!!

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