Sunday, 22 January 2012


I had some money for Christmas/birthday.... so I've been shopping!!

Firstly, last year I had an Amazon voucher for £15. I never got round to spending it, there never seemed to be anything I needed and when I did need something, I forgot about the voucher! Anyway Amazon vouchers are only valid for 1 year so a week before my birthday this year I decided I really needed to spend it. Suddenly, I remembered that Amazon also do sports clothes and I really wanted a long sleeved running top.... duh, I really am a bear of very little brain sometimes!! So I got 2 running tops with my voucher and they're great! They came to £15.35 between them.

They're both really comfy, the black one is nice under my red club running vest for cold cross country races! I like the blue one best though. 

Then, with birthday money I went to Sweatshop and got new running shoes in the sale. I'd been getting calf pain which is what happened last time my running shoes wore out back in March last year. I got Adidas Supernova Sequence 4 in bright yellow! I have a bit of an issue with pink in as much as I won't wear it for sport (other times is fine, but not for sport - too girly!!). So yellow was just fine by me, I love this fluorescent yellow! They were £85 reduced to £52. I did try on others and these were genuinely the best fit and most comfortable. I didn't buy them based solely on colour! It was a happy coincidence that the ones I liked the look of best were also the best fit. 

I also had the full gait analysis and found that my brother and I were right when I did the 'wet foot' test last time I bought shoes, and I do over-pronate mildly. 

Also, someone at club posted on Facebook about a Garmin GPS watch which was half price in the Sweatshop sale, £150 down to £75. The store I was in had sold out so I ordered on line and am now the proud owner of a Garmin forerunner 110. It's the most basic one so doesn't have a heart rate monitor, but I still love it and it's all I could afford being half price, so I'm very happy with it. 

Just gotta remember to switch it off at the end of a run if I want a correct time....!!!

Whilst in the mood for shopping I needed a new sports bra. Mine is great, but I only have one and as I do sport a minimum of 5 times a week I often find myself taking it in the shower with me and handwashing it! I got it from M&S and it's a zip front which is so much easier to get on/off.... I'm quite sure normal sports bras are designed by men - they're just so hard to get into! Anyway, M&S stopped making the one I like so I was looking elsewhere, but then I found M&S have brought out a new version of the one I had from there before! So, with the M&S vouchers I got for my birthday, I bought 2 new ones!

My other bargain purchase, was new walking boots. I always seem to need new boots at this time of year, I just have to make the old ones last until the sales start! This time I got Karrimor KSB's, originally £109 but reduced to £35!! I did toy with the idea of buying 2 pairs at that price and keeping a pair for next year, but in the end I didn't. 

So that sums up my January bargains! (Except for the charity shop bargains... I don't normally shop this much! Honest!!)

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