Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Thank you

Why is it, that it's only when times are tough, that you realise how many lovely kind friends you have?

Thank you for all the messages of sympathy, and offers of help and support. There's not much anyone can do or say to make me feel better right now but every single message is appreciated.

Yesterday was horrible, yet it went exactly as I wanted it to, down to the very last detail. Thankfully I had decided a while ago what I wanted to happen, when I had a clear mind to think about it. It meant that I didn't have to make too many decisions yesterday beyond the biggest one. The vet, nurse and pet crematorium staff were all very kind and everything went without a hitch.

I miss her more than I thought possible, but I had 13 wonderful years with her, we had good times and we had great times.

Goodnight sweetheart.

30th May 1996 - 22nd February 2010

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