Friday, 27 August 2010

Another catch up post.

I was feeling a bit sad last week so I haven't blogged much at all, so here's a little catch up of recent events.

Last Saturday was the wedding of two friends, Loz and Tony. It was a fab wedding, Loz looked stunning and the day was really lovely. Loz is a friend from sixth form college so we've been friends for over 20 years now, along with Ceri, Sam and Susan. Sue emigrated 3 years ago so wasn't at the wedding, but here's a group shot of the four others of us.

L to R, Ceri, Lorraine, Sam, me.

Before that I was camping. It was a family camp, me, Mum, sister and two nephews, sis-in-law and two nieces. You notice the distinct lack of grown up men....? They're wimps. We went to the New Forrest and had a lovely time. The weather was mostly fab and I even swam in the sea with Tarka!

Whilst there I found some fab sloes and might go back to pick some in a few weeks when they're ready to pick. I'll take Tarka and we'll make a day of it, with a nice walk and maybe get fish and chips to eat on the beach. I doubt it'll be warm enough to swim again though.

Talking of sloes, I posted last year about making sloe gin.... well it's turned out to be good stuff hence wanting to pick more sloes!! I'm planning to make a few bottles this year because apparantly it improves with age. I'm not a big drinker, a bottle will last me a while so if I make a few bottles it should have time to mature nicely.

I finished my last assignment at work and passed with 72% which I was pleased with. I get annoyed though with comments like "I would have liked to see you discuss XY&Z" and "you could have explored AB&C further"...... yeah well I would have done if I'd had more than a 200 word limit for each section!!!!! Anyway, I just have to submit my completed paperwork now and that's my qualification sorted.

I now have a house rabbit. Teddy has been with me for 4-ish years now and is about 8 or 9 years old. He's lived outside 'till now, but lost his friend in Feb (2 weeks after Pippa died) and since then has gone down hill. I don't want to get him another companion, I'm not having any more rabbits for a while. Anyway, as an old boy he doesn't clean himself very well which makes him susceptible to fly strike, which is a nasty way for a rabbit to die. So, I moved him indoors to protect him from the flies and he's gone from strength to strength! His legs are much stronger and his coat is better. His poo's are normal (sorry, too much info?) and he's a lot cleaner although I do bath him from time to time. He's in an indoor cage during the day as he's not house trained and would probably be quite destructive, but in the evenings I let him have free run of the house when I'm here to keep an eye on him. Teddy is blind with only light and dark perception, so I don't like to use flash photography hence this pic is a bit dark.


Greg said...

great pictures, Teddy looks like he fits inside well

Jackie said...

yeah, he likes being indoors. Despite his wobbly old legs, he even made it up the stairs the other day! The dog isn't bothered by him but she does tend to follow him round, eating the bunny-poo's.... saves me clearing them up I guess!