Thursday, 12 August 2010


I started playing badminton a little over three years ago. I'm not a natural at the sport but I do enjoy it. I really enjoy it. A lot. I currently play 2 hours twice a week.

While I was in Guernsey I had a lesson with my friends husband, who plays for Guernsey in various competitions at quite a high level. He spent an hour and a half teaching me stuff, giving tips and advice, and I really really enjoyed that! I haven't moved quite so much in a very long time though, my legs did ache for a few days!!

So anyway, I've been trying to put into practice the things we covered but it's not as easy as I had hoped. I mean, it's one thing to practice net shots when you are expecting a series of net shots, but it's quite another thing to move to the back of the court for a long shot, only to have it followed up with a net shot and I'm still half a mile away!!

This week however I've felt a few things coming together a bit, and today I even had a compliment on my recent improved standard of play!

How chuffed was I?

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Greg said...

always a great summer game