Sunday, 1 May 2011

Yet another update!

Another update post...

I spent most of Friday watching the Royal Wedding. It was lovely and I thought both of them held up well under the pressure of being watched by millions.

Tarka has been unwell. She's had diarrhoea for a few days and I am inclined to panic a bit when that happens due to her bout of pancreatitis before Christmas. With it being a bank holiday weekend I was also worried about the availability of vets if I should need one, as the out of hours practice is about 40 mins away and I don't know any of the vets there. Anyway, on Saturday I rang my practice to see if I should take Tarka in for a check up, and I had a long, reassuring chat with the vet on duty. He was very good and explained everything (yes I know I've heard it before, but I forget...) and I did feel much better after that. I need to remember in future, that diarrhoea on its own is UNLIKELY to be caused by pancreatitis, she would also have loss of appetite and vomiting if it's pancreatitis. Don't let me forget this again!! He also said there wasn't much point taking her in because I was already doing everything they would do so I kept her quiet, and low and behold she is a lot better today. She did a nice, almost solid poo today, much to my great relief!!

I have got a house guest for the next few weeks, Rory is one of my dogs in training at work and he's staying with me until end of May/mid June. He's a sweetie, but don't be fooled by his handsome good looks, he's very clever and good at getting his own way, he's going to need an owner who is very 'on the ball' who can keep him under control.

I too, am still feeling grotty. I woke up yesterday with my left eye sore and swollen. The swelling has mostly gone down, but I think it's either a blocked sinus or sinusitis. According to google, if I leave it alone it should resolve within 2 weeks, however it also said that the complications could be infection spreading to the eye causing blindness, or to the brain causing meningitis or death!!! So much for a little gentle reassurance!! Anyway I will see how I feel next week when all the bank holidays have passed and things are back to normal, at the moment I wouldn't stand a chance of getting a doctors appointment. I do find as well, that although all I want to do is curl up on the sofa, I actually feel better if I get up and do something.

Tomorrow is the annual May Fayre in the town where I grew up and my parents still live, so I'll be going to that, along with all my family. We've got a family challenge going on.... more about that in my next post!!

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Paws crossed for Tarka & you obviously :-)