Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I haven't done any chainmaille for ages! The first attempt I made was a byzantine weave and I blogged about it here. My latest effort is an inverted roundmaille, and looks a bit different from the byzantine. I really like it. I've only made a bracelet though. The trouble is that the silver plated jump rings don't last very well, because as the bracelet rubs against the skin the plate wears away exposing the metal underneath. But, sterling silver is very expensive and I don't really like the other options available. I'm waiting for some info on 'silver filled' wire, which might be a suitable in-between.

Here's the roundmaille bracelet. I found a little 'capricorn' charm (my starsign) which I fell in love with, so added that too. (click on the photo for a bigger version to see more detail.)

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