Sunday, 24 July 2011

Go jump, get rescued!!

Yesterday I travelled across London to Docklands, where I jumped in the river Thames.... to be rescued by a Newfoundland dog called Beau!!

This was a fundraising event for Guide Dogs but it was a little short of people, so I got a last minute call to go and join in to boost numbers.

Now, I've met a lot of dogs in my time of all shapes and sizes, but I'm sure Beau is the biggest I've ever seen! He weighed a massive13.5 stone, which for my American friends translates as 189lb or 85.7kg. (For comparison, my collie Tarka is 14kg and the average Labrador at work is around 30kg.)

Here's a picture of me with Beau, and some video of the jump.


K-Koira said...

Such a cool way to spend a day! And he looks huge, even for a Newf!

Greg said...

too cool, great post

Jackie said...

Definitely very cool!! I haven't done anything like it before although I do swim with Tarka when we go camping by the sea, she certainly wouldn't rescue me! It was definitely a lot of fun! (and not as cold as I thought it was going to be although I did splash out on a wetsuit for the occasion!)

Liz S said...

OK now you are officially mad! At least you had a nice day for it. T is impressed :)

Was that South Dock in Docklands?

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment Liz!! At least T had the good grace to be impressed and not think I'm mad!! (although you're probably right...)

I have no idea if it was South Dock.... the address was
631 Manchester Road
Greater London
E14 3NU
and the nearest tube station was Canry Wharf.

Hey, you could do something like this by jumping off your boat and getting T to rescue you....!!!!

An English Shepherd said...

Great video, bet that was chilly :-)

Jackie said...

Not as cold as I thought it would be although I'm sure the wetsuit helped. I got colder afterwards because I went out on the second boat with my camera to watch someone else jump, before getting changed.