Monday, 31 May 2010

Treadmill running.

I have got a treadmill. It's old, but it works and I do use it.  The only space I have got to keep it in is the conservatory so some days it is too hot to use it, but most weekends I can have a run or two. I try and run on the days when I'm not doing anything else exercise-wise.

I've started off slowly and have been building up both my distance and speed. I also bought a proper pair of running shoes which has made a difference too. The treadmill only measures in miles but that's OK, I can run in miles and convert to km later if I want. It counts laps, and each lap is a quarter of a mile. So now, my running plan looks like this:

Lap 1 @ 3.5 mph walking warm up (need to extend this to 2 laps)
Lap 2 - 9 @ 6mph running (2 miles)
Lap 10 @ 3.5 mph walking cool down
Lap 11 @ 3mph then 2.5 mph walking cool down 

As with most exercise I don't look forward to it and I have to make myself do it, but once I get going it's ok, and I'm always pleased with myself afterwards. I have been building the speed up slowly and today was the first time I did the full 2 miles at 6mph. I'm going to stick with that speed for a while now and work on distance I think.

 This is Woody's idea of a good use for a treadmill....

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