Saturday, 18 December 2010

Christmas preparations

So, I thought I was being organised and did all my shopping online.

Then it snowed.

So, now I have no idea if my shopping will arrive before Christmas or not, if not I'll be out there on Christmas eve with everybody else buying whatever I can find. I have got some presents, but a fair few are still outstanding. Ah well, there's still a week to go...

I am supposed to be having visitors this week. My friends from Guernsey should be arriving tomorrow but they don't think they'll make it, they're currently snowed in with another of their friends in Stroud. On Tuesday my friend and her children from Plymouth should be coming, we're taking her children to London on Wednesday to see the lights. Don't know if that will happen, depends on the weather over the next few days.

I walked up to Sainsbury's for some food in case anyone does make it. While I was there I got myself a small turkey joint. At least if I end up stuck home alone on Christmas day I can cook a proper dinner!

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