Thursday, 9 December 2010

Feeling better

Sometimes, you need to stop looking at all your problems as one huge lump, and break them down a bit.

1) Tarka is home from the vets. She's brighter today and is obviously feeling better. I just have to wait and see what happens next, she may never get pancreatitis again if we're lucky so I'm just going to cross my fingers and stop worrying. The insurance claim form went in today.

2) My friends 15 year old dog is doing better, she's hoping he will make it through Christmas.

3) My work friends dog was very ill and nothing could be done for him. His illness was short and he is out of pain. I hope for the same when my time comes.

4) The dental work is necessary and I will feel a lot better when it's done.

5) Dad's coming at the weekend to look at the heating and see if he can fix it. I think it's the fan that's not working (it's a warm air system) so fingers crossed it is both fixable and cheap!

6) The washing machine is 13 years old so to be fair I've had my money's worth. And it's not dead yet, and Dad might be able to fix it! If not, I'll try and get one off freecycle, they come up from time to time.

Oh and one more point, I have the very best friends and family in the whole wide world and I love all of you.

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Alison said...

So glad to see you a bit happier. x