Monday, 27 December 2010

There it was, gone!

Christmas came, and then went again as quickly as it arrived.

On Christmas Eve I worked all day, then went to Mum and Dad's to prepare vegetables. Then I went home to prepare the bits I was taking the next day - bread, chocolate cheescake and a strudel type thing. I also still had to wrap my presents!!

I spent Christmas day with my parents, grandmother, sister, brother-in law and two nephews. Oh and the dog - Tarka came too! She was so well behaved and didn't get over excited by the children at all like I suspected she might. I thought I'd have to put her upstairs at times but I didn't. She really was so good and I was very proud of her. She opened her presents along with the rest of us too! She really is very good at tearing off the wrapping paper but she tends to tear it into very small pieces and makes a dreadful mess. I should have videoed her but I didn't. Sorry.

Anyway we had some lovely presents, a fabulous meal, far too much of all the wrong kinds of food, and because I was able to take the dog I stayed over instead of driving home so was able to have a couple of drinks too! In the evening we played games and generally just enjoyed the day.

Boxing day we also ate far too much - it's been the theme for the last few days. We all went for a walk although 2 yr old nephew found the going a bit tough so was carried for a lot of it. In the evening we visited cousins for a few hours then went back to Mum's and played games again.

Again we all stayed over, so today we all went home and left Mum and Dad to have a bit of peace and quiet.... until tomorrow when we all descend again, but this time including my brother and his family, and my step-grandmother! We'll be 13 in all.

I am so lucky to have a big, close family!

Tarka, Christmas morning.

Traditional turkey dinner. I don't like sprouts!

My sister's homemade Christmas pudding! Delicious!

My festive yuletide mincemeat and apple log.

My famous chocolate orange cheesecake.

The roaring fire on boxing day.

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