Monday, 4 April 2011

Lack of motivation

I've got a week off work, a huge list of 'things to do' and no inclination to do any of them!!

Today I went shopping, did a five mile run, followed by a 3 mile walk with the dog and then visited my Mum and Grandmother with their Mothers day presents (I forgot to take them yesterday when we were all together!)

Does anyone know how to cure lack of motivation? I should have done some housework or gardening. My house and garden are such a tip that I hide if the doorbell goes and won't let anyone in!! It's not like I'm doing nothing all day (see above!) but I'm doing the things I like, and not doing the things I should.


Oh well, there's always tomorrow!


Greg said...

If you find a cure for lack of motivation you will be the next millionaire....

At least you're doing things you enjoy! Have a great day and enjoy your afternoon with your dog.

Jackie said...

Thanks Greg, it's been a nice week off work, I redeemed myself a tiny bit on Thursday by attacking the hedge in the garden with a saw and secateurs, the bush fought well but I won and now have a little daylight in the garden. That's about all I did off my list though, apart from a little on line shopping!