Monday, 25 April 2011

Ultimate Recall

You might have noticed I mentioned on my last post, I was doing a course called 'Ultimate Recall'.

This was a four day course, run by the excellent John Rogerson. He used dogs who do not come when called, to demonstrate exercises to achieve a recall response even in the most difficult environments. All of the 14 dogs on the course showed a significant improvement in their recall response, although the owners will need to continue to work with their dogs to continue their progress. This is not a 'quick fix' course, but a lifelong training method.

John has a very 'common sense' attitude towards dog training. He gets onto the dogs level and tries to see things from their point of view. He doesn't use any form of harsh handling or forceful training, but he's not a soft touch either! I went with two colleagues from work, and we have got a lot of food for thought to discuss over the next few days when we are back at work. Some of John's stuff we can use as it is, some we will need to adapt to suit our purpose, but all of it was enlightening and I will be trying it out with my current training dogs when I'm back to work next week. I think Tarka might become a bit of a guinea pig too!!

Objective: By the end of the advanced training period, my dogs will achieve the 'ultimate recall'!!

Oh and by the way...

Happy Easter!!

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