Friday, 10 June 2011

Running update June 11

Uh-oh.... not liking the new blogger dashboard layout!!

Anyway, a quick running update! I've been bragging to all my real life friends this week, so all you cyber friends can have it now!

I finally cracked the 10k distance!!!

I went on my first run on Monday with the running club that I've I joined. I've been going to the track for a few months, but I feel 'safe' at the track because I can stop if I need, and I don't hold anyone up because they can just go on at their own (fast!) speeds. On a run though, I thought I'd hold everyone up. However the coach at the track said I'd manage it fine, so I decided to give it a go!

Oh my!! It was further than I've ever run before, and although I could go at my own pace it was faster than I've ever run before!! Not sure of the time exactly but it was about an hour, just over probably, and about 6.5 miles!!

They have a system where everyone can run at their own pace, but at certain points the front runners turn back and 'loop' round behind the back runners, which keeps the group together.

Everyone was very supportive, and loads of people ran along side me for a chat and to offer encouragement!

I'm not sure if enjoyed the run, but I certainly did enjoy the company and I've been on a high all week, bragging about my achievement!

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