Sunday, 5 May 2013


Today I went with my brother to visit both my nieces in Canterbury. They're both at university there, one at Canterbury university and one at University of Kent. Total coincidence led them to end up on opposite sides of the same city, it could so easily have been opposite ends of the country!

Today we had some of niece #2's things to deliver that she wasn't able to take when she went back after Easter. We did that first, she showed me her room in halls and did a tour of the campus for me.

Next we went across town to niece #1's house which I also hadn't seen before. Then the four of us went out for lunch, did a bit of food shopping for the girls before dropping them each back 'home' and driving the couple of hours back. It was a lovely day.

I'd left my dog with my sister-in-law so I picked her up and went home, then later I went out to an ice hockey match. It was a really good game and the team I was supporting won, 6-5.

Pic: view of Canterbury from UoK, in the gloomy weather we had when we arrived!

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