Thursday, 23 May 2013

The weather.

Not the most exciting topic, but what the heck is the weather doing at the moment? Today is cold, raining and we've just had a hail storm. In Scotland roads are closed due to snow! It's 23rd May for goodness sake!! I suppose I at least picked a good day to go home early and curl up on the sofa with a migraine. 

Anyway, last weekend was much nicer, it was dry and a little bit sunny. I took advantage on Saturday and got the grass cut front and back, including trimming the edges (by hand with shears, I 'killed' my last two strimmers so not buying another one). It's starting to look a lot nicer outside. Clearing the patio has made a huge difference and I'm quite enjoying sitting out there now. I've had several meals on the patio despite the weather not being very good! Ahh, the benefits of a covered patio! I will take some photos at some point. 

I've also got a few plants out there now as well. There are a lot of plants at work that will just get bulldozed when the land is re-developed later in the year, so we've got permission to take what we want. I've taken a few small things to put in pots and a couple of roses that I've planted out. I'm wary of planting too much as I really don't want a high maintenance garden, but roses don't need constant care. 

In other news.... I've now had a water meter fitted. It took one phone call and a twenty minute visit and will save me a lot of money I think. I should have done it a long time ago. I've been meaning to!! 

I'm running another half marathon on Sunday, the Royal Windsor trail half marathon. I'm not pushing for a time, it's my first off road half (although its not like proper cross country stuff, more like foot paths along the river) and I am always slower off road. I've also gained weight over the last few weeks and haven't run much this week so I'm aiming for a finish, with no other goals in mind. I think it will be quite a scenic route so I am looking forward to it from that point of view. 

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