Monday, 7 February 2011

Guess what?

The running top I bought in a charity shop on Saturday is still a current line, and to buy it new would cost between £27 and £35 depending where you get it from! Bargain for me at £3.45!! It's hardly been worn, not a mark on it!

2 miles again tonight, no walking. It's not getting any easier though and I have to make myself keep going. I do listen to music which takes my mind off things, maybe I need some upbeat music specifically for running? I have an amazon voucher to spend.... I do wish I could enjoy running!

Other news, Tarka seems OK at the moment, she scared me last week with vomiting and diarrhoea but it seems I panicked unnecessarily, blood tests showed no pancreatic problems. She's finally regained the weight she lost too, so just need to reduce her food to stabilise her weight so she's neither losing or gaining. Easier said than done, it's all just trial and error.

I thought Teddie was going to pass away on Sunday but he didn't. Thank goodness. He got really mucky underneath and couldn't stand up, but I bathed him and cleaned him up and he seems to be OK again.

And I seem to be clearing up an awful lot of cat sick at the moment. Molly gets hairballs, but I don't think the current food is suiting her. She wasn't this bad on the old food. *sigh*

So, nothing new here, just lots of animals producing lots of vomit and poo...... what's new in your world?

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