Sunday, 6 February 2011

It's over a week...

...since I last blogged!!

So, here's the catch up.
  • Monday I ran, I did the 2 mile block for the first time without stopping!
  • Tuesday I played 2 hours of badminton.
  • Wednesday I went to check out the local running club - yes, I had a reply! Did a half hour walk/run followed by 2 hours badminton.
  • Thursday I ran with someone from the running club, we did my 2 mile block but as a walk/run as she's coming back from injury.
  • Friday I went out and ate pizza and chocolate cheesecake :-)
  • Saturday I ran my 2 mile block without stopping then went out for a meal :-)
  • Sunday I did absolutely nothing exercise-wise other than my usual dog walk.
I also went charity shop shopping and got a pair of M&S jeans for £2 and a running top for £3.45. Bargain!

Tomorrow I must get out and run the 2 mile block again, I'm aiming to work up to about 3 miles and then I can join the running club Monday night run. It's gonna take me a while to build up to that though I think!!

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