Sunday, 27 February 2011

Too much!!

Too much food, that is!!

I seem to have done nothing but cooking and eating this weekend, and I have got food I can't fit into the freezer which is annoying - I do have the world's smallest freezer, but I can't get a bigger one while Teddy is still alive because he's living in the space where the freezer will go! (I know that sounds awful, when the rabbit dies I can get a new freezer!! I'm not wishing him away, the freezer can wait!!)

First it was ordinary bread then cheese and onion bread, then I did a huge food shop using some Tesco vouchers I had, then today I cooked beef in a red wine gravy which I had with roast potatoes and veg, and I even remembered the yorkshire pudding! That was followed by a huge slice of chocolate cheesecake which  I made as a treat yesterday and a handful of grapes to finish. I am stuffed!!

To offset all of this very slightly, I did finally go for a run today after over a week of no running, and I extended my normal block very slightly too. Today's run was 2.5 miles. *sigh* Need to do double that really, if I want to be able to join a running club.

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