Thursday, 24 February 2011

learning to FLY!!!!

Don't get excited, it's not in the conventional sense!

Ever heard of Flylady? Well I'm giving it a go although I'm not committing to too much at once. Basically, I'm picking one 'space' a night and clearing it. So, Monday night I did all the washing up, dried it and put it away (I normally leave it to drain) and cleaned the sink. Tuesday I did that again (but there was far less to do) and cleared the kitchen table. Wednesday I did the washing up etc, checked the table was still clear and did the worktop on the other side of the kitchen. You see how it goes? Tonight I will maintain the previously cleared areas and add one more. I'm not following Flylady exactly, but am using the idea and adapting it to suit myself. I'm going to get all the visable areas done first then start either upstairs in the bedrooms, or doing one kitchen cupboard a night until they're all done. I'm doing small areas during the week, and will do slightly bigger jobs at the weekends. The key for me is to keep the tasks small and easily achievable.

I haven't been running now in over a week. I was going to run with friends from work tonight but ended up taking Molly to the vet, then had to go to Sainsbury's to get a different type of food for her, then had to make a phone call.....  and by then it was gone 8pm and I was so hungry I couldn't face a run!! I'm still looking for a running club to join, the local one didn't work out as their club night clashed with badminton, the next local one hasn't got back to me so I'm still looking.

Molly has got cystitis. She had a bit of a scare with a dog I looked after this week, and the vet said the stress could have brought it on. Who knows. Anyway, she's in a lot of pain and feeling very sorry for herself, added to which I've had to shut her in the dog cage because she's pee-ing all over the house!! Now, I'm used to animals having the odd accident indoors, I've even got used to Woody scent marking indoors whenever I bring a new dog home, but having a cat dripping wee all over the house is quite another thing. It will stink very quickly, and because it is literally one or two drips at a time I'll never be able to find them all to clear it up so although it seems harsh on Molly, containing her is the most hygenic option. Hopefully the drugs will kick in soon - better get the insurance form filled in too!!


In April I'm going to Barrow-in-Furness for another cousin's wedding. It should be fun, I love it when the family get together. I'm travelling with my sister on the Friday again but we can't go until lunch time, I have to work in the morning.

On Monday this week I went to the South East Berkshire Gang Show, it was really really good. My friend's son was in it so I know they have done weeks and weeks of rehersals, and it showed. It was very well done, they did loads of skits and sketches, the scenery was fantastic and the costumes too. I thoroughly reccommend it if you're in the area.

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