Saturday, 26 March 2011

Another goal achieved!

I did my first five mile run today!

The estate where I live is built with lots of footpaths and underpasses, and I don't feel safe running there by myself in the dark. So, I drove to a nearby town and parked up and ran from the car today. It was a nice route, long straight stretches so no need to think about the route too much, and not too many roads to cross. I plotted it on walkjogrun beforehand and it was 5.1 miles. Some bits were a bit dark though as there was no street lighting so I will probably only do it in daylight in future.

I have been running 11.5 min miles so I was expecting to take about an hour, but I did it in 53 mins which is about 10.5 min miles, so I'm very happy all round!

Only 1 more mile now till I'm doing 10K - that's the next goal!

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