Friday, 11 March 2011

Another 'newsy' post.

I went running again tonight. My left calf muscle has been aching a lot since last Friday, although to be honest it's been sore for a while now. I strongly suspect my ultra-cheap shoes may be the reason, so I rested Saturday Sunday and Monday, played badminton Tuesday and Wednesday,then tonight I ran in a different pair of trainers. They're not specifically designed for running, but as my calf muscle is no worse than it was before I ran I think that confirms my suspicion. I think that a trip to a running shop for a gait analysis might be on the cards although I really don't have the money to spend on an expensive pair of running shoes.

I also need to buy a dress. I'm going to another wedding in April and need a new dress since the old one is 4 years old, has been to 4 weddings (including the one which was the brother of the cousin getting married this time) and has also got a tear/repair in it!! I'm going shopping on Saturday and hope I can find something in M&S since I have got a gift card for there.

Molly is still suffering from cystitis. She's better than she was, but still not right. She's had various tests but they're all clear (thank goodness) so it looks like ideopathic cystitis (meaning no identifiable cause).

I have got two commissions for my jewellery, I'm off to buy the beads etc for them on Saturday so will get started on them as soon as I've got all the stuff.

And I've just figured out that I won't be able to sit in and watch Comic Relief next Friday as planned, I'm going to see my neices school production of West Side Story. They're both in the band this time, not on stage. The school productions are normally quite good and I've never seen WSS so I'm looking forward to it.

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