Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bad cat!!!

Woody went missing last night.

I got home from work early at about 4.30pm and there was no sign of him. I was worried because normally he comes running within seconds of me getting home, whatever the time of day. I had a scout around but there was no sign. My neighbour said he'd seen Woody at about 3.30pm but not since. I went out a few times after that to walk and call for him, and I listened at all the garage doors in case he'd been shut in.

I went to badminton since there was nothing else I could do and I would have just sat around worrying even more.

When I got home I printed some posters and Tarka and I went round putting those up. I waited up till about 2am in case he came home and then got up this morning about 6.45 to try and catch the neighbours as they went to work, to check their garages.

When I got up Woody was curled up in the conservatory!! He's cold, but not excessively hungry or thirsty, I have no idea where he's been but strongly suspect he got shut in somewhere, he's such a nosey cat!! At least he doesn't seem any worse for the experience, but he's staying indoors for today at least! He's currently warming up in his favourite box which I've put in front of the heating vent for him. (Spoilt cat - I normally NEVER have heating on in the mornings!)

This is the bit of cat ownership that I really don't like - the uncertainty of letting them outside and just hoping that they're still there at the end of the day. Despite knowing that he was more than likely shut in somewhere, I still had all sorts of thoughts running through my head. I love my cats, but I really don't think I'll be getting any more after these guys. They're just too stressful!!

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