Friday, 4 March 2011


....I found a running club that I like!

Tonight I went for my first session with a different club from before. The last one didn't work out because it clashed with badminton too badly and I couldn't make it work. Also, they weren't a very friendly club, the two nights I was there a total of 3 people spoke to me and one of those was the coach who was rude. There must have been about 30+ people there so that's not a good statistic in my book.

Tonight was different though. There were only about 10 people there but they all spoke to me and introduced themselves. They were looking out for me and made sure I was OK, and were chatty when it was feasable to be chatty!! At the moment I'll just be going to the track night on Fridays, but once I've got my distance up I'll join the Monday night runs. I need to be at 5 miles though. They do a shorter run on a Tuesday, but that clashes with badminton...

I do think I need a better pair of running shoes though as I'm getting a few aches when I run which I don't get when I play badminton. They're too expensive though so I'll have to make do for now. *sigh*

....better keep buying the lotto tickets....

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