Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mundane stuff

My new boots are now tried, tested and muddy! I'm back to work tomorrow so needed to be sure the boots would be conmfortable. I wore them on a couple of dog walks and I've worn them all day today, so I know they'll be fine for work tomorrow.

Monday will be an office day with very little (nothing in fact!) to do. Tuesday I have to go and collect my new training dogs, so then I'm back into the swing of things after that.

It seems very quiet in 'blogland' at the moment. I have quite a lot of blogs I read regularly and no one seems to be posting much at the moment. I guess it's that time of year where everyone just sits back and tries to get everything back to normal after the upheaval of christmas and new year.

Friday was my birthday. I went to the dentist - not my first choice of activity but they couldn't fit me in any other day that week - then for lunch with Mum, Dad, Sister, Sis-in-Law, Nephew #2 and Grandmother. It was very nice, I had lasagne and chips. Then some of us went for a walk with the dogs, and then some of us went late night shopping to M&S. I didn't get much, but the others did!!

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