Thursday, 6 January 2011

New boots

I had this week off work and today I went shopping. I had some M&S vouchers to spend but couldn't find anything in there, so am going to go to a different M&S tomorrow night and try again. I did however find a nice pair of walking boots in the sale. As you can imagine with my job, I do an awful lot of walking and mainly on concrete footpaths so I do wear boots out, mainly by wearing the sole away. My last pair have done me a year although the 'spring' in the sole went quite a while ago. I got this pair in Millets, they were £100 reduced to £60 in the sale. I also had £40 christmas and birthday money to spend so have put that towards them too. They're really nice and very comfy. They're the only pair I tried on and I bought them straight away which is not like me at all! (normally I go to about 3 shops, try 3-4 pairs in each shop and then go back and buy the first pair I tried!) Anyway they fitted the bill perfectly in size, price, style, sole type and colour so I decided to cut to the chase and just buy them. Besides, it was lunch time and I was hungry. I haven't tried my new boots yet though, I took Tarka for a walk when I got home but it was so muddy that I wore my wellies. Well I didn't want to get my new boots dirty!!

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